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Wilson County The Place To Be

Wilson County Receives Local Government Awards

Wilson County Receives Local Government Awards

From: The Mt. Juliet News
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Wilson County received three local government awards at the annual business meeting of the Greater Nashville Regional Council on Sept. 22 in Clarksville.

The county received an award for economic development, recognizing the continued investment in the local workforce with an educational incentive for county employees.

Realizing there are a large number of employees making less than $30,000 a year, the county wanted to find a way to help raise salaries and retain employees through educational opportunities such as with this employee tuition discount for those attending Cumberland University or the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Lebanon. Employees have an opportunity to attend the four-year university at a discounted rate, thus furthering their education and allowing for higher salary or advancement. Information sessions are provided by members of the university and the technology college for available educational grants and the discounted tuition rate and other programs and assistance offered.

The county also received an award for public works and infrastructure, recognizing the team effort by the county’s stormwater department and respective departments in Lebanon and Mt. Juliet, the Wilson County Stormwater Group, the Tennessee Environmental Council and local property owners and the developer of the impacted subdivision, to plan and execute a headwater stream restoration project.

As a team approach, the county coordinated the effort, while design and implementation was led by the Environmental Council, and property owners and the developer provided much of the materials used to turn the eroded portion of a tributary feeding the Cumberland River into a restored stream to enhance water quality and provide for aesthetic, long-term natural stabilization in an urbanized area. The key was the private and public partnership of all groups involved coming together for the common good.

The county also received a community inspiration award for public transportation awareness. Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto, a member of the Regional Transportation Authority Board and participant in the Music City Marathon, was recognized for promoting public transportation in the county, as well as Middle Tennessee.

His efforts resulted in RTA providing a special event service via the Music City Star for runners participating in the marathon. The train was a success in creating awareness of public transportation and for runners by making it to the starting line stress-free. In addition, all ticket sales proceeds went to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

“Known for its countless recognition in years past for outstanding leadership and innovation, Wilson County continues to implement new opportunities and bring about program awareness not only for its citizens but the region alike, which serves as an excellent example to other communities in the Greater Nashville region, “said Sam Edwards, executive director of the Greater Nashville Regional Council.

The GNRC is made up of the 13 counties and 52 cities in the Nashville area. The council provides planning and other assistance to member governments in economic development, transportation, solid waste, loans and grants for water and sewer systems, housing, small business loans, tourism promotion, air quality and services for senior citizens.

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